The Way We Choose Friends

This very general statement given by Graham Allen sums up very well some of the links to how friendships are formed. Most of the people who we class as our friends are likeminded people sharing one or more common interests. Many would say that people of the same social class are likeminded, mix and interact within the same social circles, perform similar jobs, take their children to the same schools or go to the same schools, colleges or universities, have common social interests and generally there is a large number of friends made with people who share the same social class. Are these friendships made because of the same social class, or through the common features of that social classes living? Relationships are made through interaction and meeting of people and then they develop further into friendships through similarities in their lives such as social class, similar personalities and common features of their lives.

The initial contact is made in certain settings such as work, a sports or social club, but they only truly become friends when they start to interact with these same people outside of areas where they initially met. People are consciously choosing their friends and choosing the kind of relationships they have with them, whether they be very open and share many details about their lives or quite closed and simply talk about the context which they are friends about, e.g. parenthood and schooling if they have met during their study.

Are many our friendships based on educational background? From compulsory education up to the end of high school we meet and make many friends, certainly not necessarily all our friends, but at least some. At the age of six for example, it is our school mates other than family and parental figures that you are spending most of your time with. Time is directly related to friendship because outside of work (at work you often dont have the choice of who you work and therefore have to spend time with) you only spend time with people whose company you enjoy. If you do not enjoy spending time with a certain person then most of the time you simply choose to not see him. Yes, we do choose our friends and certainly we choose who to not make friends with.

Another common quality that can lead to further friendship and certainly the most common ground for people to meet during their childhood and young adulthood, because of the fact that almost every one undergoes this within developed natures up to the age of mid-teens. You are mixing with more like minded people the further you are progressing. This happens due to the segmentation that occurs as you progress through the system. For example during A  level education most of the people who I meet have the common aim of developing their academic skills, thus giving at least one common area of interest. Once you get to know some of these people you then discover further similarities and common grounds of interest e.g. sport, music, socialising, specific academic fields etc. However it is worth noting that certainly not all of these people you would class as friends in the sense that you spend a lot of time with them outside of the area of first contact, and these people you personally class as acquaintances. As you progress onto university and move away from home you again find more likeminded people and fewer non-likeminded people. This is again due to the fact that you choose an institution that meets your needs and fulfils your expectations and therefore most people who you meet there have similar needs and expectations, again more common grounds to develop potential friendships.

You then find people with qualities, backgrounds and personalities like yours, therefore friendships are certainly made on the common ground of education, because it is the major area of meeting people and within this area we make acquaintances and friendships.

Benefits Of Recycled Disposable Protective Clothing

Appropriate protective apparel is crucial when working in environments that involve frequent exposure to hazardous particles and chemicals, from mold remediation to environmental clean-up. Disposable protective garments are often convenient options for workers who wish to throw out their uniforms after a single use. However, many disposable garments continue to provide the necessary protection through several uses, making it possible to recycle disposable uniforms. This greener solution for workplace safety saves money and reduces waste, while still offering the same protection of a brand new garment. Below, learn more about the benefits of recycled disposable protective clothing.

Protection and Comfort:
Disposable suits and uniforms that have gone through the proper recycling process offer the same superior protection provided by garments that have never been used. Fabrics such as microporous film laminate work as a strong barrier against dangerous particles, such as lead or asbestos, while still allowing you to breathe and move freely for maximum comfort. These types of protective clothing allow you to stay clean and comfortable in even the messiest situations. With protective clothing, you can still wear your regular clothes without risking stains, damage and potentially ruining your favorite apparel.

Green Solution:
With each disposable article of clothing that is thrown out after a single use, the amount of waste collecting in landfills increases. Recycling perfectly usable protective garments helps reduce this waste, allowing workers and businesses to participate in greener living solutions from which everyone can benefit. By purchasing recycled protective clothing, you are helping to extend the life and use of the products, helping to keep the fabric out of the trashcan and landfill. It is just one more example of a small change you can participate in that, globally, can be part of a big difference.

In addition to reducing waste and contributing to a greener and safer environment, recycled disposable protective clothing helps cut costs. Tossing usable garments after each use leads to more money continually spent on new uniforms. Recycled protective suits that have been purchased at a fraction of the cost allow you to save money while still receiving the protection required to remain safe and clean on the job.

Whether you are a general maintenance worker or a medical researcher, there are new or recycled disposable protective garments that fit your needs. Various styles include coveralls, lab coats, aprons, disposable shoe covers and jackets. Serving a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, pharmaceutical research and electronics assembly, the benefits of recycled protective clothing are limitless.

Clarks Women Shoes Are A Must Have For Every Woman

Clarks shoes is one of those companies which released a popular product and the world never completely recovered from that one idea, and still to this day Clarks women shoes remain one of the most popular brands around.

The famed company has been around since 1930 a long time to remain in business the company was started by the Clarks brothers. s.

Already a house held name in most of Europe they released the Desert boot which was shaped after the British army’s boots and this little invention shot the company into name recognition making them very popular in the shoe trade.

Today they rank at the top of the shoe trade manufacturing 40 million pairs of shoes annually for distribution. There are many things that make this company great.

Reason #1

*One is the different styles you are able to choose from, the company has an array of different products which will suit just about anyone.

If you find yourself interested in Clarks Women Shoes for instance the Wallabee would be the perfect decision.

It is provided with soft Suede but also very comfortable padded heels, it has been described as walking on a cloud perfect for anyone on the go you can say goodbye to foot pain.

Not only is it comfortable but it is also very stylish especially anyone interested in Moccasins.

Reason #2

**Another reason is they are very flexible another brand of Clarks Women Shoes is the Artisan brand.

Now these shoes are made with a combination of leather and patent leather making the shoe very flexible which is a huge plus due to the fact you won’t have to break them in.

No more will you have to suffer through a couple days of pain just so your shoes will fit better.

Reason #3

***The third reason is most of their shoes are just convenient. Like the Unstructured brand of Clarks Women Shoes which are a slip on brand of shoe.

These are great because they fit like a glove and all you have to do is slip them on very convenient for anyone on the go.

Reason #4

****Another reason is they are perfect for pregnant women. Now I am sure when you’re pregnant Clarks Women Shoes are the last thing on your mind but they can do wonders.

When you are pregnant your feet tend to swell up leaving you with plenty of foot pain and Clarks are designed to help with foot pain.

Loafers are the best because they are easy to get on and can help with any foot pain you might have.

Reason #5

*****And finally you can purchase them online. There are many benefits to buying stuff online, one of these benefits is the fact that you will avoid the crowds.

Anyone who has tried to buy shoes at a Mall or even a local store knows that crowds can be a major hassle so why deal with it?

Prices are definitely allot cheaper when you buy online as well so not only will you avoid people when you buy Clarks Women Shoes but you can safe a few bucks in the process.

Casual Clothing For Women Over 50

If you have just turned 50 and are looking for ageless fashion advice so that you can dress your age and still look as fabulous as ever, you have come to just the right place. Here, you can get some great tips for womens casual clothing for those over the age of fifty. You can also learn about global fashion in womens clothing or womens apparel as dictated by fashion gurus across the world.

To begin with, there is no reason to think that you need to put on ill-fitted clothes or wear granny clothes to dress your age. In fact, Elan International Clothing has recently introduced a new line of womens dresses and womens clothing that is just apt to be worn by women above the age of 50.

Gone are the days when women were expected to give up trendy clothes as soon as they blew fifty candles on their birthday cake. Today, they can still look as classy and sophisticated without trading their chic casual clothes for matronly outfits. Today, you can find many 50 year old women who still have an amazing figure and prefer opting for clothes in which they can flaunt the same without appearing too in your face.

If you too have the same concern, we suggest that you buy Elan International clothing pieces that have been specifically designed for older women so that it is both apt for their age as well as flattering for their body type. These effortlessly combine the contemporary styles with the classic cuts to give a sophisticated look that is hard to achieve with clothing from other lines.

An important womens casual clothing tip that one needs to keep in mind while clothing women aged fifty or above is that despite their best efforts to maintain their figure, the effect of gravity is bound to show on their bust line as well as hips. Thus, any womens apparel that they pick up should be tailored in such a way that it can hide these flaws.

In addition to that, it can be quite a task to maintain a slim waistline or a flat tummy once a woman has hit menopause. Hence any womens dresses that you pick off the rack should have a flattering cut that draws attention away from your broader waist or paunch. Apart from these, you can hide the signs of aging that are bound to show up such as loose skin in the throat and bulging arms by opting for dresses that have a high neck and half sleeves.

If you are a fan of denims and just cannot do without them, you can still wear them even at 50 as long as you opt for higher rises and dark washes. Straight cut jeans look best for women of age and can be paired with flattering tops that are not too short or too tight. You can buy Elan international clothing for mature women and look your best at all times. The brand specializes in clothing women of all ages.

Alternate Storage Options For Clothing

When it comes to storage in your home, space can be slim. No matter how many times you clean out your closet, or cupboards, it seems like a few weeks later you’re right back to where you started with no room for any additional items. This especially true when it comes to clothes. Many people like a lot of options for clothing. But if your closet has limited room, there is not much that you can do. Finding additional built in storage space isn’t usually an option, so many renters and homeowners look for alternate solutions for clothing storage.

An armoire or wardrobe is a great alternate storage option. If you have an empty corner of your bedroom, you can make use of it by finding a spacious armoire where you can store clothes that won’t fit in your existing closet. An armoire is a standing piece of furniture traditionally used to store clothing. In fact, the armoire was the predecessor of the modern closet and the reason that closet became a standard home built-in the first place. When there aren’t enough options for clothing storage, look at your local Thousand Oaks furniture stores for an armoire that is sturdy and beautiful. Another great clothing storage option is obviously a dresser. But picking a dresser that is right for your needs is important. Visit your local furniture stores and find options that are aesthetically pleasing. But make sure to open the drawers and assess drawer space before you buy the piece. Many dressers have misleadingly small drawers. Find one with spacious drawers that are easy to pull out and you’ll have a great alternative.

Exciting Clothing Style Innovations

You can get so many different types of brands out there these days and this is very true when it comes to fashion brands. The number of fashion styles means that this is easy to understand. Extreme sports and music has inspired the clothing industry which has resulted in new clothing brand styles.

Here are the best of the best clothing styles.

Surf Wear

The clothes and footwear worn by surfers is known as surfwear. Originally it all began with surfers from the So Cal surf scene who began creating their own clothing brands. This is likely to be down to the rise in popularity of surfing and its acceptance as a professional sport which meant surfers could get endorsement contracts with surfboard and wet suit manufacturers. Some of the most famous surf wear brands include Salt Rock, Headworx and Quiksilver.


Skate wear was used to describe clothing brands that came out of the skateboarder community. Skate wear has close links with surf wear as both styles emerged out of the same scene, as skateboarders and surfers tend to be one and the same. This is because skateboards were made by surfers to practise on dry land. They both have similar styles but are specifically designed to cater for each sport. Recognised skatewear brands include Vans shoes, Etnies and Element.


Urban wear also known as hip hop clothing came about due to the influence of the rap and hip hop scene. At the end of the seventies and beginning of the 1980s rap and hip hop started to emerge with artists like Run DMC and the Beastie Boys breaking into the charts. Lots of rap MCs and DJs were famous for wearing baggy sports clothing with gold chains. When hip hop became more popular so did the clothing with artists like Jay Z and P Diddy launching their own clothing brands. Designers inspired by hip hop also started making clothing brands influenced by their favourite artists. This resulted in many urban wear brands like Roca Wear, Phat Farm and Sean John.


Street Wear has drawn influence from most of the previously mentioned clothing styles. Street wear is probably best described as clothing designs that are influenced by urban living in major towns and cities. Hence street wear draws influence from all aspects of life in that environment including graffiti, street art, skateboarding, bmx, surfing as well as music from rock to hip hop. Graphics and street art feature heavily in streetwear clothing along with practical clothing designs. The Addict Clothing Co, Stussy and Obey Giant are good examples of innovative streetwear brands.

Classic Cool Clothing For Men

Following fashion is a great way to show youre up with the trends and ready to experiment, but theres nothing like a bit of classic cool to add some charm to your wardrobe. There are some iconic looks for men that are so well loved that youre sure to feel cool the moment you slip into them. Even better, when you know what classic styles suit you, youll be able to wear them year in and year out, no matter which looks are hitting the high street.

There are some basics all men should invest in, such as a blazer or sports jacket  perfect for transforming even the most causal of outfits into something a little smarter  a quality leather wallet and some smart loafers. These details are just the kind of things you need to ensure your wardrobe always has a hint of classic cool about it.

A well-cut suit is one piece of clothing that youre guaranteed to get plenty of wear out of and seeing as your most expensive suits arent likely to be everyday wear, they are the perfect candidate for a little classic cool. Ignore flashy trends when it comes to choosing a suit and stick with a classic style that shows off your shoulders and back. Think Don Draper in Mad Men and rock a slim fitting suit with some serious style. Invest in extras such as cufflinks, a tie-pin or a card case if youre ready to rock the look.

Another look that shouldnt be underestimated is the laid back cowboy. Dont get carried away with a ten-gallon hat, but a pair of blue jeans, an understated shirt and some scuffed boots creates the kind of classic cool everyone wants a slice of. Accessorise with a brown leather belt with a hefty buckle and if youre brave and its sunny outside you can even add a cowboy hat, but if you do, make sure your shirt and boots are plain. Otherwise, you could end up looking more like a parody of a cowboy than a cool critter.

There are classic looks to suit all seasons and when the summer rolls around you can be confident that you can stay cool without killing your charm. A great classic choice for warmer days is a preppy casual style, with tailored knee length shorts, a simple t-shirt, a pair of brown or black loafers (worn without socks) and of course, a pair of designer sunglasses such as Ray Bans Team loafers with light trousers and a polo shirt for slightly cooler summer days and youll be set to take on all kinds of weather.

The bad boy look is one of the most enduring and best-loved looks there is. Popularised by silver screen icon James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, the white t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket combination is one thats always sure to set hearts a flutter. Take a leaf from The Rebels style book and keep it simple. Leather biker jackets look great with jeans and boots and sweep your hair back messily for a look with attitude. A more common trend is the adoption of mens chinos that are becoming more versatile with all kinds of clothing. Consider this as an alternative option to the traditional jeans.

Classic Groomsmen Styles

A Groomsmens attire should reflect the groomsmens personal style. As the groom, consider selecting a different colored tie or other accessories for yourself from your groomsmen so you stand out amongst the herd. Tuxedos are classic and create a formal, unified look at an evening ceremony; the preferred look, a black tuxedo with a black bow and cummerbund / waistcoat is the standard ensemble for a formal nighttime affair. For ultra-formal, groomsmen should consider Full-Dress Attire, which consists of a tuxedo, white pique wing shirt, a waistcoat, and a bow tie.

If a Destination Event or Beach Affair, linen suits, or pants and an open-collared shirt, are a crisp, casual look for your groomsmen. If the event is Destination/Beach-Formal, consider tan suits or Navy Blazers with either white or cream-colored slacks. In this instance, the neck wear can either be bow ties or four in hand ties in a pastels colors or stripes.

Nowadays, most contemporary groomsmen are opting for a dinner tie to complement the tuxedo, with or without a matching or contrasting waistcoat.

Braces or suspenders are always recommended for uniformity and for functional purposes. Throw in some classic cufflinks and a shirt stud set, and really wow the other wedding attendees with some additional flair.

They come in various colors, textures, and even whimsical patterns. This is where your groomsmen can show some distinctive personality.

Your groomsmen are a major component to your wedding day. Their attire should be consistent and mindfully aim to project your style.

Adore Linen Clothing Be Cool In Hot Climates

Linen has been the first choice since ages to be worn in hot weather climates. The best fabric, that glorifies your elegance and charm giving you utmost comfort in all ways. Read this article to find more about the kith and kin of linen fabric and why is it an adored fabric throughout the world.

Linen is one of the most adored clothing choices in hot tropical zones in the world.
It is derived as a fiber of flax plant, which is generally white in color. Linen is a lightweight fabric used for warm weather wears as linen guayabera shirts and linen suits.

The linen breath ability is especially good for linen pants and linen shirts. Linen fibers are much stronger and more lustrous than cotton. Linen suits are very cool and absorbent, but wrinkle very easily, unless blended with manufactured fibers.

Linen is an exorbitantly expensive natural fiber that has a marvelous staying power. If taken proper care of, linen clothes can last for decades. As linen fiber is often durable and thicker than cotton, but tends to crease very easily and thus most preferred to be worn as informal beach wedding dress.

Linen beach wedding attire for men as Wedding pants and beach wedding dresses for bride are the first choice in hot and humid climate of the beach wedding clothing. Linen being the coolest of fibers and as graceful as other synthetics is rapid moisture absorbent with no fuzziness, and no natural luster and stiffness.

Linen fabric is woven into great designs as linen guayabera shirts, casual beach wedding dresses, mens linen shirts, beach wedding pants, hawaiian wedding dresses, linen attires etc.

A fold shape space, so full of changes in clothing

Victoria laguna beach jeans lined with curling black suit, enter into the cell type, most people do not have such a risky down with, in fact, mix it with the coat can be varied. Typically the sleeve is white with a small waist suits, lined vest, so work is not rude. Lining on the sleeves knitted pullovers, knitted cardigan, V-Neck tight-fitting T-shirt, POLO shirt Bra vest or so, the same good-looking. More wonderful dress, is to make shoes and handbags or coat some of the color match up, and let the jeans as a transition, so dress up the overall sense of it is much easier.

The modeling approach, the straight Armani jeans pants with shoe has an excellent mix of the same effects are; most able to form a complete presentation style. The difference is more straight jeans also have anti-folded shape of space for clothing is full of changes.

Admittedly this is a best pick size of pants, in addition to appropriate slender body true religion jeans type, the harsh thing, even the hip bone and lower leg is straight enough for the conditions must be taken into account, if the above conditions are all pass it, it Congratulations! You have a unique qualification for wearing narrow pants.